New Brunswick: Clydz

Had dinner and drinks with a friend tonight.  But the highlight of the evening?  Drinks at Clydz located in New Brunswick, NJ.  The bartenders are awesome!

.the bar.

.the awesome bartender.

.unknown but its one of the bartender’s specialty.

i have to say…. it was amazingly goooooood!

.a drink called victoria’s secret.

Happy Monday!  =)


3 thoughts on “New Brunswick: Clydz

  1. I like the second photo with the bartender. Nice capture of movement ^^
    As for the last photo with “Victoria secret”… I can see where the name came from ;)

    • Thanks! Its amazing how a point and shoot can do so much. How do you like the Fujifilm X100? My boyfriend was looking into getting it but decided to hold off on it. I’m currently using the Canon S95 and I love it. Good enough for a newbie like me.

      • Point and shoot has come a long way nowadays, very impressive they are :)
        As for the X100, I absolutely love it. I used to carry around D700 with 50mm but now I carry around X100 mostly (it’s just SO MUCH lighter and the IQ is nearly as good). There are some quirks with the camera but I have learnt to live with it. It depends on people but if you are willing to overlook some of its shortfalls, it’s a fantastic little camera with excellent IQ ^^

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