New Brunswick: Clydz

Had dinner and drinks with a friend tonight.  But the highlight of the evening?  Drinks at Clydz located in New Brunswick, NJ.  The bartenders are awesome!

.the bar.

.the awesome bartender.

.unknown but its one of the bartender’s specialty.

i have to say…. it was amazingly goooooood!

.a drink called victoria’s secret.

Happy Monday!  =)


Bronx Zoo: My First 5K!

On April 30, 2011, I ran my first 5K, in 32 minutes.  Crossing that finish line was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever felt.  Asthma as always hindered my ability to participate in sports and physical activities.  So crossing that finish line was a big achievement for me.  What’s next?  I’m considering a half marathon!  =)


New York City

ohhh, how I love New York.  It was such a lovely night, I wish I had more time to snap more photos and go on a photo adventure.  I may actually set a day aside to do just that… a photo adventure!

This picture was taken at “Turntable Mad For Chicken” located at 5th Ave (Between 32nd St and 33rd St), 2nd Floor.  Thought it would look interesting if I took a picture of it.  FYI, thats Coca-cola bottles behind the steel bars.

Busy night at the Madison Square Garden.  Why?  Basketball game – Knicks vs Celtics.  Knicks won by 8 points, too.  Well done!

I simply love this picture.  Everything about this picture, pretty much sums up what New York City is like.

Atlantic City, NJ: REVEL

Revel in Atlantic City

Revel in Atlantic City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent my weekend in Atlantic City, checking out the new casino called Revel.  It hasn’t fully opened yet but I’m already looking forward when it fully opens at the end of May.  I took a few pictures but not as much as I would’ve liked since photography is not allowed on the casino floors.


As you enter the casino, you are greeted with beautiful lighting fixtures..

One of their restaurants in the casino, its a TACO TRUCK!

Hotel lobby with inviting warm colors….

What will be a 4 LEVEL NIGHTCLUB (the pic shown below)!

Now, wouldn’t you want to sit on those rocking chairs?


After staying at Revel this weekend, I’m already planning to celebrate my birthday there.  I hope everyone had a good weekend cause I did! =)

I love how the pictures are so crisp and clear. I hope to one day visit Syndney! =) Check out this blog =)

A Certain Slant of Light Photography

One of the best places to get a bird’s eye view over the Sydney CBD area is from the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout, accessible via Cumberland Street. It’s an easy stroll from the Rocks to get to the pylon, and then another brisk 200 steps to the top. The viewing platform will give you a sweeping view over Circular Quay, Campbell’s Cove, the harbour, and of course, Sydney Harbour Bridge itself. Pity the lookout closes at 5pm – the sunset from here would have been gorgeous.

Edit: Freshly pressed! Welcome to all – I hope you enjoy your stay. And many thanks to the WordPress folks :)

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