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Atlantic City, NJ: REVEL

Revel in Atlantic City

Revel in Atlantic City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent my weekend in Atlantic City, checking out the new casino called Revel.  It hasn’t fully opened yet but I’m already looking forward when it fully opens at the end of May.  I took a few pictures but not as much as I would’ve liked since photography is not allowed on the casino floors.


As you enter the casino, you are greeted with beautiful lighting fixtures..

One of their restaurants in the casino, its a TACO TRUCK!

Hotel lobby with inviting warm colors….

What will be a 4 LEVEL NIGHTCLUB (the pic shown below)!

Now, wouldn’t you want to sit on those rocking chairs?


After staying at Revel this weekend, I’m already planning to celebrate my birthday there.  I hope everyone had a good weekend cause I did! =)